Welcome to the Grace Chapel!

Welcome to the homepage of the Niigata Grace Chapel!

You may be one of a variety of people.
You may be a Christian who has been baptized. You may be a person who is not at all interested in religion. You may be a person who is seeking answers for problems in your life.
Christianity is definitely a religion, but the question is: Does the church only exist for people who are believers?

The answer is definitely "NO".

The Bible is an unchangeable truth regardless of the times.

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."(Matthew 11: 28)

Please come and join us.

In addition, we have a variety of activities and volunteer opportunities where anyone can participate, regardless of age or gender. All are invited to participate.

[If coming by car]
● ([via the "JCT Niigata Chuo" for use Koedo Bandai, the Sea of ​​Japan to the Hokuriku Tohokudo Connection Hokuriku Expressway / Kanetsu) "IC Niigata west" from the bypass to the west of Niigata (No. 116 National Highway) , ⇒ to "IC Shindori" direction Sowa
About 10 minutes by car from the "IC Shindori" ⇒ Grace Chapel / turn left at the intersection "Ohno" ⇒ right (McDonald's on the left) to intersection "Shindorinishi" ⇒ Sakai, towards Shindori a signal down the bypass
※Please contact us in advance and a church member will be waiting to guide you to the church parking lot.

[If coming by train]
●Get off train at "NiigataDaigakuMae-eki"station(JR Echigo line)" ⇒ Go down a hill,and Turn right at the prefectural road No. 16 ⇒ Turn left at the intersection "Sakai" (McDonald's on the right) ⇒ Turn right at the intersection "Ohno" ⇒ Grace Chapel
20 minutes by train, Niigata Station to NiigataDaigakuMae-eki station / 10 minutes' walk from NiigataDaigakuMae-eki station to Grace Chapel

[JR East Station Timetable]

[If coming by bus]
●Niigata Kotsu Co., Ltd.
About 3 minutes and needle wire Nishio, Ariake line, walk / bus stop "Sakai" Terao line
・ 3 minutes walk / bus stop "Murakami Sakai" Ohori line
※ Attention: Some bus does not stop at the bus stop "Sakai" by the same route in route.
Please check at the time of boarding without fail.
※ Time required varies depending on the route. We investigate in advance, please come with a margin.

[Home Niigata Kotsu Co., Ltd.]
TEL :025-246-6333 (office Bus Station)